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Renting in London is tough

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Flatshare is a new comedy-drama series by James Barber. Brought to life by the award-winning director, Grant Taylor. It’s an LGBT series that follows the trials and tribulations of four house mates living in Peckham.


Midway through yet another threesome, Omar has a revelation and escapes his hedonistic lifestyle by starting up a flatshare with his best pal Kemi. This idyllic new beginning is ruined when he’s forced to illegally sublet the damp living room to his ex Tom, against Kemi’s wishes. But this is the least of their worries as the shady landlord has converted the loft into an extra room for anti gentrification activist Seb. Is it doomed to fail or can Omar create the utopia he wants in his new flatshare?

This show was created by MindCleanse Productions and in association with rKive Productions, which produced the award-winning LGBT series Spectrum London. The show’s creator, James Barber say that he is excited for audiences to see a man of mixed heritage who is queer at the centre of the narrative and to show the complexities and challenges of being both gay and a person of colour in London. ‘‘Whether you’ve struggled with your sexuality, race, class or gender, the characters in the show will connect with anyone who ever felt ‘different’’ says James.


The show has a stellar cast including Shaun Cowlishaw, Andrew Rowe, Ani Nelson, Nic Bernasconi, Gaz Hayden, Chevin Dash, Andrew Armitage, Sami Karim.


The show is expected to premier in February 2019 on the online platform YouTube on the same day as the screening, and will be shown across various festivals worldwide.

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