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Shaun Cowlishaw



Omar is the heart and soul of the series. He’s determined to make the flatshare work because he’s fed up of the gay scene and wants to create community and relationships with people that have more substance.


Shaun Cowlishaw, who plays Omar has appeared in short films such as Coatrack (2018), Molly & Noel (2017), Journey (2017), Fools Gold

(2017), New Degenerates (2016) as well as theatre productions Simon Boccanegra (2013) and The Thing About Psychopaths (2013).

Ani Nelson



Kemi, our female lead is outspoken, and has a strong sense of who she is as a black woman. Having lived a very sheltered life she desperately wants her own independence.


Ani Nelson, who plays Kemi, has appeared on Channel 4’s Random Acts (2016), web series Brothers With No Game (2015), feature film Cigarette Girl (2017), short films Through Tasha’s Eyes (2018), Avoiding the Unexpected (2016), The Decommissioning Process (2016), and theatre productions such as The Trick (2019).


Andrew Rowe



Tom is a very free-spirited character. He has a very strong aversion to tradition and doesn’t want to be tied down to any kind of relationship. But it’s not long until his careless hedonism gets him into trouble.


Andrew Rowe, who plays Tom has appeared in a commercial for Citroen (2019), TV shows like Banana (2014), short films such as A Convenient Cough (2015), The Christening (2015), theatre productions including And at Beast (2018), as well as feature films such as Great Expectations (2011).

Nic Bernasconi



Seb is a young man who feels very strongly about social injustice. He is not afraid to challenge the status quo and sees himself as a voice for marginalised groups, but he struggles with his privileged upbringing.


Nic Bernasconi, who plays Seb has appeared in TV shows like Downton Abbey (2013), feature films Skulls (2015), The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015), The Monuments Men (2013) and theatre productions such as The Kingdom (2016).

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