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James Barber

Writer & Creator


As a black gay man I wanted to write a show about the
intersections of race, gender, sexuality and class as it directly
pertains to my own life experiences. By being bold and
unapologetic, Flatshare gives a voice to marginalised groups who
have been underrepresented by mainstream media and will make
them feel more seen.

With television striving to embrace more diverse stories, I feel
that there is no better time than now for a series of this kind to
emerge. Its strength lies in its willingness to boldly take on taboo
themes like the devastating impact chemsex has on the lives of
gay men, the sexual fetishism experienced by queer people of
colour, the conflict created by white middle class people moving
in urban areas, and how unregulated landlords are contributing to
London’s housing crisis. Not wanting to come across as preachy I
have endeavoured to explore these issues with heart and humour
which I’m sure will strike a chord with audiences.

Grant Taylor



Grant Taylor is an award-winning director based in London. He has made a name for himself directing narrative films, music promos and ad campaigns. His films have been screened at the London Short Film Festival and the Oxford Human Rights film festival.


He directed the first season of the critically acclaimed webseries #Reality which opened the BFI’s Future Film Festival in 2017 and won a Screen Nation Award for Best Web Series. His short film, Emigrant, won best free-fall at the 2017 Limelight Film Awards for emerging talent. In 2017 he was selected to develop his feature film, It’s A Riot, with the Screen Arts Institute at the BFI. Grant’s latest film, Everyday Struggles, was screened at BAFTA and came second in the Nespresso Talents 2018 competition.

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Monica Y.Dee



Monica Y. Dee was born in Ethiopia but grew up and was educated in London. She has a background in Law with an MA in Film from Staffordshire University. She is the creator, producer, and co-writer of award-winning web series Spectrum London. Monica has written
and produced a handful of narrative shorts screened in London and abroad, winning awards at the International Film Awards in 2014 for her
production of the short film, Truco, Spectrum London in 2017 and another three at the Global Independent Film Awards 2017. Monica also produces corporate event films such as award shows and branding advertising films. She is the founder and head programmer of the second only web series festival in Britain, UK Web Fest which is in its fourth edition this year.

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