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After catching cold feet during yet another threesome, Omar decides to move out of his flat and start again. He enlists Kemi and together they rent the perfect flatshare in Peckham. But there’s something dodgy about the Landlord and when Omar

reveals to Kemi that they’ll be illegally subletting to his ex Tom, she is not happy. Whilst rowing amongst themselves a loud crash comes from the attic upstairs and Omar is forced to investigate what or who is up there.



Omar, Kemi, and Tom discover Seb, the extra housemate who has been squatting in the loft ahead of the move in date. Tom threatens to call the police, but when Seb references his illegal sublet they are forced to work together. Despite starting on shaky ground, Seb almost wins them over by offering them a takeaway from Lagos Palace as a peace offering. Feeling confident that everyone has now settled in, Omar jets off to attend a sensual massage workshop in the hope of finding a soul mate, but after stripping to down to underwear for the class, things become too hot for Omar to handle.

Meanwhile things in the flat are quickly heating up between Tom and Seb who come close to locking lips.



Tom gets invited to a chemsex party and is intent on going. Omar can’t persuade him otherwise and tags along to protect him. Meanwhile Seb tries to make peace with Kemi following an argument earlier in the week by asking her to co-lead an anti-gentrification protest with him, but will she accept his offer? Back at the chemsex party, Tom gets more than what he bargained for when he bumps into his ex and finds himself in danger. Has he gone too far or will Omar come to the rescue yet again?



Seb, who perceives himself as a modern day Robin Hood, co-leads a heated pre-protest meeting with Kemi in support of Ahmed, a local shop owner who was forced to sell his business to a wealthy

businessman. However the pre-protest meeting is derailed when an unexpected visitor arrives and reveals a secret Seb fought hard to conceal. A heated argument erupts leaving Seb with a black

eye. But things take a drastic turn for the worst when another unannounced visitor arrives at the flat leaving Omar, Kemi,

Tom, and Seb in absolute shock.

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